The Bonobo Society

…one of egalitarianism, where social status matters little, thus facilitating diverse personalities to express themselves more freely…

Children and Young People’s Mental Health in Ireland

As someone who has worked with children and young people in various capacities for some time, I have been fascinated by the focus on their mental health in recent years, and more specifically what society deems responsible for their mental health problems, and how it attests to ‘solve’ them. Given that media narratives either shape […]

Plastic Paddy

Patriotism, it’s a funny concept. Until very recently, I have always thought of it as a singular construct, a universally understood interpretation of one’s love for their nation. As a people, we trade on being patriots; we claim to cherish our nation above all else. Our difficult history has shaped who we are, and made […]

A Reflection on the 8th

Since 2012 I have lived with M.E, an illness that is both deeply complex and largely misunderstood in equal amounts. While the trajectory of my journey of recovery has generally been on an upward curve, and for the past number of years I have found myself living as close to a normal life as could […]

Children and the 8th

The eight amendment debate has been vitriolic, and thus far raw emotion, intolerance, hysterical claims, and a lack of insight into opposing views have formed the entire premise on which to argue ones ‘cause’. Just a number of weeks ago, as I walked down Patrick Street in Cork, I observed a ‘prolife’ lobby group displaying […]

We get what we deserve

Last Friday night’s appearance by Brendan O’Connor on The Late Late Show has got huge media attention in recent days. During the course of his interview, Brendan, who has a daughter living with Down Syndrome, was at pains to point out the plight of children living with disabilities in Ireland, and the lack of services […]

Homelessness in Ireland

The gates of UCC were blurred, as sheets of heavy rain ricocheted off the outside of the windscreen, condensation now varnishing the inside. I perched my head forward and peered up, trying to get a better view of the B&B which had become obscured since we had parked. Next to me, my practice teacher spoke […]

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